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About Time2Pass Driving School

Time2Pass is a driving school based in Derby with a very professional team of driving instructors who are very patient and friendly and are committed to helping you not only pass your driving test first time but be a safe driver for life.

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We pride ourselves on the high standard of tuition we deliver.

All our instructors are ADI's (Approved Driving Instructors) and not PDI's (Potential Driving Instructors). A PDI is someone who is not yet fully qualified because they still have one test to pass, but they can still get paid for giving tuition so it helps them prepare for their last test. Therefore they are not very experienced.

The way you know the difference is that ADI's have green badges displayed on their windscreens whereas PDI's have pink badges. Most schools won't tell you this but we do because we care about you.

Why Choose Time2Pass?

Our instructors only cover the Derby Alvaston test centre and some test centres in London, and so are extremely experienced in the test routes. They know all those places where examiners take pupils and where pupils usually fail their tests and will make you practice those areas so that you have a much higher chance of passing first time. This is the reason why our instructors have very high pass rates.

Our instructors will also do mock tests with you so that you know what to expect on the test, this will make you less nervous on the actual test and again increase the chances of you passing your test first time.

We also have intensive courses available for those who need to pass their test in the shortest time possible. They are flexible and will be adapted to suit your needs. Our instructors work evenings and weekends so that you don't have to take time off work to do your intensive course.

Leaner Driver

Our instructors are very reliable and will always be on time because they keep half hour gaps in between lessons which gives them plenty of time to get to you even if there's traffic, many instructors only keep 15 minutes which is why they get late. On the very rare occasion when there is so much traffic that even half an hour is not enough to get to you, then every minute will be recorded and made up at the end. This is our promise.

We keep our prices cheap and affordable so that we stay busy and so everyone can afford to learn how to drive, not only the rich. This is our way of helping and giving back to the society we live in. It's not because we lack in quality like the big companies like to claim, because our instructors go through the exact same tests and checks that their instructors go through, so how can the quality be different?

If you go with the big companies then your only paying extra for the name, not because they have better driving instructors.

A massive complaint many pupils from other driving schools have is that their driving instructors are always on their phones. We find this absolutely ironic and are shocked by these claims. We just do not understand how this can be done by some instructors and it shows utter lack of care and professionalism by these instructors. It’s totally against the law to do this. Just like it is illegal for a driver to use their mobile phone, in exactly the same way it is illegal for someone supervising a learner driver to use their phone. If an instructor was caught by the police doing this then they would be fined £200 and receive 6 points on their driving license.

We at Time2Pass Driving School can assure and promise you that none of our instructors will be on their phones whilst teaching pupils how to drive because we understand that it’s against the law and also how extremely dangerous it could be. So if you are looking for quality driving tuition at cheap and affordable prices then look no further and contact us now because life's too short and it's Time2Pass!